For the Eventbrite entry, can we join as a team at any time before the end of the competition (Oct. 28)?  

Any teams and individuals can sign up before the end of the competition in order to be considered in final project evaluations as long as there are tickets remaining. 


On the requirement to use two data sets -- Does using longitudinal data count?  For example, if we used BRFSS data for 2011 and for 2012, does that count as two datasets? Can the second dataset be a dataset that is not listed on the datasets page

Different datasets should be different categories of data. While we encourage you to use long-term data (2011 and 2012 BRFSS), we highly encourage participants to combine that data with other categories, such as cost, census, etc. Your team wouldn’t be disqualified if you only used 2011 and 2012 data, but judging will favor combinations of categories of datasets. If you are planning on evaluating 2011, 2012 BRFSS data and say, personal data from a Fitbit, that would count as three datasets with good breadth. As long as two datasets are drawn from the list, and you may use data from outside sources as long as your team can provide a brief description of how the data was collected and measured. 


Could you elaborate on the "method must be reproducible" requirement?

We are hoping that we can use the logic / platform / methdology you used for creating the visualization to make other health data visualizations. Thus, we ask that winners provide us with a detailed description of how they came up with their visualization or code for producing their visualization. For example, we ask that software submissions (e.g. apps) can allow for new data to be "plugged" in and turned into a visualization.


What's the deal with the Section 508 Requirements? 

Submissions do not have to be 508 compliant in order to be eligible for prizes.