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Submission and Evaluation

All submissions must be entered at the link below and must include four parts: 

1) Link to a 2-minute YouTube video pitch explaining the context, goal of project, and process of developing the visualization/application. Videos exceeding 2 minutes will only be evaluated for the first 120 seconds.

2) Demo of submission that is accessible via web, powerpoint, or pdf.

3) 250-word explanation of the project. 

4) List of all datasets used in the project development.

Winners will be notified by November 24, 2014, and will be required to submit a detailed process report on the development of the demo prior to receiving the cash prize. 

Eligibility and Requirements

o   At least one member of the team must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident. Teamwork isn't necessary, but is allowed.

o   Submissions by 10/28/2014  - All projects must be submitted no later than 12am on October 28th. Submissions must consist of two parts: 1) a link/screenshot/pdf of the project itself, 2) a 2-minute video of the team explaining the thought process behind, significance of, and context for the project.

o   Inclusion of BRFSS Data - must incorporate or include analysis of BRFSS dataset in some way

o   Method must be reproducible – visualizing process/software can be used easily to analyze/display other sets of data

o   Software must be accessible - judges must be able to view the final product on a website, pdf, or another easily available tool for final evaluation. The tool must be designed for use with existing web, mobile web, electronic health record, or other platform (iOS, Android, etc.). 

**Note on Section 508 Evaluation Product Regulations Compliance

Evaluation criteria

*Note that projects based on suggested directions and de novo projects will be weighted equally. 

o   25% Innovation – novel combination, integration, and application of data

o   25% Design – visually appealing, elegant, intuitive interface and visualizations

o   25% Relevance – to better guide health decisions, relationships are comparable across time, geographies, and populations 

o   25% Scientific Excellence – rigorously measured relationships that adhere to the principles of scientific inquiry. Remember that correlation does not necessitate causation.

A panel of experts will judge all submissions and recommend seven winners for the seven prizes. An official from the US Department of Health and Human Services will make final decisions and grant awards.